Greetings from Team Raptor!

In this update we have an unboxing video of the mock-up game. Please remember that this is a mock-up and not the final game as it will be printed. The final game will have higher quality printing on better materials. This mock up is just to show us an example of how the game will appear when all the elements are put together.

Example Layouts

Below are two example layouts of how the body part cards will look when placed on the character mats and the types of creatures you may be able to create in a game of Velociraptor! Cannibalism! As you can see, this game allows for some fun creature combinations!

Updated from our original demo version, this layout now gives space for the stomach to store calories and a nursery, where you can put your eggs. You can also see the new icons, created for this final version of the game that indicate speed, attack and armor.


Art for Velociraptor! Cannibalism! is by Jennifer Rodgers, with design input from Daniel Solis.

Monsterous Body Parts

If there is anything that makes us cackle over here at Board Raptor Games, it is sewing together monstrous body parts. Today I am proud to present just such a development, as we have completed enough art to start showing you the glorious monsters born from our imagination! Here is an example of our incredible combinations!

A NOTE ON THE CHICKEN: His name is Chicky Stardust* and he is a rock star. Though it will give you no bonuses, you should sing while you have this card. If you want to speculate, via song, if there is Life On Mars, you may.

*Provided courtesy of Jen Smith.

Logo for Board Raptor Games

It doesn’t get more official than this. Board Raptor Games now has a logo! Board Raptor Games is made up six game designers who met at the Global Game Jam and created Velociraptor! Cannibalism! We hope to make many more games together in the years to come.

Our amazing new logo was created by designer Daniel Solis.


She rides in glitter
like a blight
of starless nights
and bloody skies

One night when the violet moon glittered in the blood-red sky, the brown baby bunny Fluffy hopped over to Old Bunner, looking up at his Grandpa with inky black eyes.
“Tell me a story, Grandpa!” he said, blinking his long lashes.
“Come close,” said Old Bunner, old voice warm and wise, “and I’ll tell you about the last time the moon glittered purple in a ruby sky.”
Floppy cuddled close to Old Bunner in the cutest little bunny-pile of softness that you’ve ever seen, and Old Bunner began his tale.
“On nights like this, when the moon glitters violet in a starless spilled blood sky, there flies a creature more terrifying and wonderful than any on earth.”
Floppy hopped with excitement his long ears bouncing. “But Grandpa Bunner, aren’t velociraptors the scariest creatures on earth?”
Old Bunner turned to the little flop-eared babe and shook his grey head. “No, little Floppy, there is a creature far worse.”
“Worse than the gnashing teeth?” asked Floppy.
“Worse,” declared Old Bunner, his grey whiskers twitching.
Floppy’s nose twitched, pink as a rose. “Worse than the terrible claws?”
“The scariest creature to fly this earth,” said Old Bunner, “is the beautiful and terrible DoomGlitter. When I was a baby, on a night just like this one, she rode here from across the sky and devoured all the bunnies in our warren. All, of course, but one!”
“Which one?” asked Floppy.
Old Bunner looked at him. Sure, he was a baby, but even so. Old Bunner sighed. “Me, Floppy, me!”
“Oh!” cried Floppy, his eyes growing wide with understanding.
“Floppy,” declared Old Bunner, “You’re going to need to be a bit more clever if you are to survive meeting velociraptors with cow-heads.”
“Um,” stammered Floppy, his little nose twitching uncontrollably.
“We bunnies are known for our quick wits,” said Old Bunner, “and you’d best not ruin our image!”
“Grandpa- I. . .”
Then a cold shadow passed over the violet moon and Old Bunner turned his tiny head to see the glorious and sparkling DoomGlitter, shining black and pink, looming over them.
“Love me,” said DoomGlitter, “and despair!”
Then, with flick of her head, she grabbed both the bunnies between her pearl teeth, tossed them in the air, and with a single gulp, she swallowed the bunnies, baby and Grandpa, whole.
Her glitter hooves thundered across the glam rock landscape as she charged forth to consume her prey and destroy her enemies.

Her name is DoomGlitter, and victory is her only delight.

DoomGlitter is the Kickstarter-exclusive set of body parts available to backers who pledged at the $22 reward level and up. She will be broken down into 5 playable cards that you can find and attach to your raptor of choice.

All cards include special bonuses. In the unlikely situation where a player equips all five cards and makes DoomGlitter whole again, the player receives an ultra-rare set bonus and becomes incredibly powerful. Surely, the end is nigh if the dark equine queen has returned. We hope you have an excellent time playing with these exclusive cards until then.


Oh dear. This site is so terribly out of date.

An update with information on our successful Kickstarter campaign, production of the final game (including looks at in-progress art and design), and distribution is coming. It’s been such a busy wonderful year!

Forgive the mess and check back soon. Meanwhile, check out our official Facebook for the latest Velociraptor! Cannibalism! news!

Support us on Kickstarter!

Last night at 10:49PM, Velociprator! Cannibalism! launched our Kickstarter campaign, and as of this morning, we have already raised 13% of our goal and are already sold out of one of our rewards. We are offering some great rewards for our supporters including a PDF of the game, original art, and an exclusive first run print edition of the game. Below is a list of our rewards levels, named after the characters in the game.

$1: SPRINKLES: For a dollar or more, all supporters will get access to the full text rules of the game. If you are interested in seeing how our game works, but aren’t sure you want to contribute a substantial sum before making a commitment, pledge at this level to see the details of our mechanics.

$5: BRIAN For $5 or more, supporters will receive a the PDF of the demo game that was created at the Global Game Jam, including the full rules manual, the completed character sheets, game mat, and the text-only cards. Although this will not have the full art we plan on creating, this level will include everything you need to print and play a game.

$18: COLDCUTS: For $18 or more, supporters will receive everything from the levels below as well as a PDF of the full game when the artwork is completed in all of it’s artistic glory. This includes body parts fully illustrated, full art predator and prey cards, and box-art cover page.

$22: ACE: For only $22 or more, supporters will receive everything from the levels below, but the full version they receive will include a Kickstarter Only set of extra body parts (rumor says it’ll be unicorn parts).

$75: IGGY: For a pledge of $75 or more you will get to design a body part that will be in the final game. Species, color, it can be anything! This reward includes a copy of the physical game if we raise $4500. Limit 5!

$500: REGINALD: For being a foundation and being the first to pledge $500 or more, you get to design a completely custom character mat, drawn from scratch, just for you. Phoenix? Dragon? Robot alien from outer space? Whatever! (As long as its not copyright to someone else.) Not only that, but we’ll specially print you off a physical copy, even if we don’t raise enough to open up that reward level to everyone.

Visit our Kickstarter page to view our video and support the production of the art for Velociraptor! Cannibalism! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/boardraptorgames/velociraptor-cannibalism

Game Designers

We are six game designers that met at the Global Game Jam, and are dedicated to putting out the best possible card game about velociraptors eating kittens. Join us as we produce a brand new experience where you can eat baby seals and wear a bow tie while you cannibalize your friends.

We hope you like our game as much as we enjoyed creating it together.

Jesse, JR, Jenn, Bri, Andrew, Major

The Designers

J.R. Blackwell is a game designer and photographer who wrote the zombie game, Shelter In Place. She likes writing fiction and taking pictures of supervillains and monsters.

Major Johnson is a computer programer who appears in the special thanks for Albedo: Platinum Cataylst and AI War: Fleet Command. He likes unusual software bugs and reading fantasy novels.

Bri Lance is a programmer and game developer who led programming for Fitter Critters, an educational children’s game. She also likes reading novels and throwing random objects at the ceiling to see if they stick.

Jennifer Rodgers is an illustrator and concept artist best known for work in Evil Hat’s The Dresden Files RPG (2010), Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book perfume series by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (2008), and a Harvey Award nomination for Best Colorist in 2006. She’s also a devoted horror geek who dabbles in genre journalism and modeling.

Andrew Wilson is a geek of all trades and sometimes freelancer. He can be found in the wild at various conventions, and is rumored to have mastered hibernation as a sleep cycle.

Jesse Whitworth is a game designer and programmer who cut his teeth making mods for Unreal Tournament and The Wheel of Time. He also enjoys writing novels and constructing rpg campaign settings.

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Publishing and Distribution news coming real soon!

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If you don’t have a Facebook account, e-mail cannibalistic.raptor@gmail.com to receive e-mail updates.


Go hunting, eat cute critters, fight predators, mutate new body parts, feed your form, and reproduce. And occasionally gobble them back down! Below is a brief overview of the best velociraptor card game ever made that incorporates eating your own young and sprouting a tentacle head.


You play a velociraptor that grafts new body parts onto your character, mutating your creature in bizarre, horrifying, and hilarious ways. New body parts increase your food requirements, better parts costing more calories. Don’t have enough food? Eat your offspring! Want those fancy wings your opponent picked up? Attack them, rip them off, and add them to yourself!

Fight, survive, reproduce, cannibalize, and win!


This is a card game which also incorporates two mats. The first is your character sheet, and the second is the mat for the three game decks. VC! is a game of resource management and skill building, with the added bonus of a vicious PvP element that allows characters to steal each others’ abilities in order to increase the skills of their own characters.


Characters have three stats that determine what they can do. The basic stats for a character are listed on their character-sheet. Modifications to your stats are made by gaining new body parts that can raise or lower your stats.

  • ARMOR: Your defense against attacks from other players and predators.

  • SPEED: How many Jungle cards you can draw on your round.

  • ATTACK: Your ability to ATTACK other players or defend against predators.


PREY are the creatures you eat in order to get the CALORIES you need to REPRODUCE, MUTATE, and FLEE from malevolent PREDATORS.

You can eat your own BABIES to get enough Calories to survive. You monster.


•The MEAT LOCKER is the deck of BODY PARTS.

•EVENTS are the deck of environments that are drawn once per round and effect all players.

•THE JUNGLE is the deck of cards containing PREDATORS, PREY and PERSONAL EVENTS


The game ends at the end of the round when all the population tokens have been taken, or the end of the round when the last environment card is drawn, whichever happens first.

The winner is the Player who has reproduced the most!