The Characters in Velociraptor! Cannibalism! are all Raptors, but don’t let that make you think they don’t have their own style! These Raptors know how to have a good time while still being the ultimate predators.


Ace is a high-flyer who pilots a zeppelin in the old-new world.

She’s a gal that likes adventure, rope tricks, quick-draws and the taste of fresh flesh.


A Gentleman AND a Scholar, Reginald enjoys cultural events, including foreign film festivals, tasting local wine, and live classical music.

He likes printed publications and rending flesh from prey.


Sprinkles likes to party, and isn’t quite sure how he got here.

Sprinkles is in disguise right now.

There’s a lot going on with Sprinkles.


The eldest of our Raptors, Coldcuts is old-school cool, and he ain’t going to quit now.

Sure, the kids these days think they’re all that, but old Coldcuts knows that true cool comes from attitude. He enjoys popping the heads off of bunnies.


Brian’s just a guy, you know? He likes sandwiches. His favorites are peanut butter and tuna fish. He really doesn’t know what you are looking at.

He’s very normal, okay?


The quintessential punk, Iggy enjoys defying authority and rocking out.

She likes bands you haven’t heard of, indie everything, making patches, zines, and eating kittens.


About jrblackwell

J.R. Blackwell is a writer and photographer

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