Last night at 10:49PM, Velociprator! Cannibalism! launched our Kickstarter campaign, and as of this morning, we have already raised 13% of our goal and are already sold out of one of our rewards. We are offering some great rewards for our supporters including a PDF of the game, original art, and an exclusive first run print edition of the game. Below is a list of our rewards levels, named after the characters in the game.

$1: SPRINKLES: For a dollar or more, all supporters will get access to the full text rules of the game. If you are interested in seeing how our game works, but aren’t sure you want to contribute a substantial sum before making a commitment, pledge at this level to see the details of our mechanics.

$5: BRIAN For $5 or more, supporters will receive a the PDF of the demo game that was created at the Global Game Jam, including the full rules manual, the completed character sheets, game mat, and the text-only cards. Although this will not have the full art we plan on creating, this level will include everything you need to print and play a game.

$18: COLDCUTS: For $18 or more, supporters will receive everything from the levels below as well as a PDF of the full game when the artwork is completed in all of it’s artistic glory. This includes body parts fully illustrated, full art predator and prey cards, and box-art cover page.

$22: ACE: For only $22 or more, supporters will receive everything from the levels below, but the full version they receive will include a Kickstarter Only set of extra body parts (rumor says it’ll be unicorn parts).

$75: IGGY: For a pledge of $75 or more you will get to design a body part that will be in the final game. Species, color, it can be anything! This reward includes a copy of the physical game if we raise $4500. Limit 5!

$500: REGINALD: For being a foundation and being the first to pledge $500 or more, you get to design a completely custom character mat, drawn from scratch, just for you. Phoenix? Dragon? Robot alien from outer space? Whatever! (As long as its not copyright to someone else.) Not only that, but we’ll specially print you off a physical copy, even if we don’t raise enough to open up that reward level to everyone.

Visit our Kickstarter page to view our video and support the production of the art for Velociraptor! Cannibalism!


About jrblackwell

J.R. Blackwell is a writer and photographer

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  1. Grizzly of the North says:

    This seems amazing and as soon as i get some money i will definitely support you guys. on a side note i have added your sight to stumble upon and am getting my friends to like it as well so it will start to circulate, i hope it helps you all. Good luck!

  2. jrblackwell says:

    Thank you so much for your support and for adding us to stumble upon! This project is something we all feel passionate about, and we are so happy that other people are enjoying it as well.

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