We are six game designers that met at the Global Game Jam, and are dedicated to putting out the best possible card game about velociraptors eating kittens. Join us as we produce a brand new experience where you can eat baby seals and wear a bow tie while you cannibalize your friends.

We hope you like our game as much as we enjoyed creating it together.

Jesse, JR, Jenn, Bri, Andrew, Major

The Designers

J.R. Blackwell  is a game designer and photographer who wrote the zombie game, Shelter In Place. She likes writing fiction and taking pictures of supervillains and monsters.



Major Johnson is a computer programer who appears in the special thanks for Albedo: Platinum Cataylst and AI War: Fleet Command.  He likes unusual software bugs and reading fantasy novels.


Bri Lance is a programmer and game developer who led programming for Fitter Critters, an educational children’s game. She also likes reading novels and throwing random objects at the ceiling to see if they stick.


Jennifer Rodgers is an illustrator and concept artist best known for work in Evil Hat’s The Dresden Files RPG (2010), Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book perfume series by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (2008), and a Harvey Award nomination for Best Colorist in 2006. She’s also a devoted horror geek who dabbles in genre journalism and modeling.


Andrew Wilson is a geek of all trades and sometimes freelancer. He can be found in the wild at various conventions, and is rumored to have mastered hibernation as a sleep cycle.



Jesse Whitworth is a game designer and programmer who cut his teeth making mods for Unreal Tournament and The Wheel of Time. He also enjoys writing novels and constructing rpg campaign settings.

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